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Bauarte applies RFID in 50,000 clothes

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Bauarte emerged in the market in 1994, in 25 years of activity they have two physical stores in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in São Paulo and operate with a variety of products in their stores, being them, handbags and accessories.

Bauarte currently has an average of 50,000 pieces traded per month. Prior to RFID, the entire process from the arrival of the product to the store until the time of the store’s departure was carried out individually with the bar code. This process was one of the most delicate and error-prone, since in some cases the merchandise was not read, after the conference was performed only with the NF the boxes were entered in the stock. The process followed with the replacement and sale, one of the most lengthy points due to the time of reading the barcode, which ended up displeasing and generating impatience in the clients.

Sistema RFID em destaque

Bauarte applies RFID


Recently they decided to innovate and bet on RFID technology (radio frequency identification) is a technology that has been explored in Brazil for some time but still do not have an idea of the proportion of this solution. It works as follows, through radio frequency we send data to a software that uses this information to identify a particular product and thus manage the process (be it, input, control or output of the products).

Bauarte chose to deploy the complete solution, that is, all processes have RFID technology from the arrival to the output of products for better control and traceability of the products in stock. All merchandise received after being checked is duly labeled with RFID.

Before the merchandise goes to the stock, a conference with RFID is held on the treadmill and so the information collected will be passed on to the system in a practical and fast way. At the time of sale there were also significant changes to the customer’s good that can check how much he spent and how many products it is leading so far, so during the sales process the queues were eliminated and the checkout process was streamlined with Success, thanks to RFID customers only go to the cashier to finalize their purchase.

The iTAG Monitor middleware that was developed by iTAG itself, in this case is integrated with the Millennium ERP, developed by Millenium Networking. Communication works remotely as the data server works in Cloud Computing.


“We have confidence in the processes performed because we rely on the traceability of the items. The challenge [of implantation] was the reduction of processes, because they took hours and today only minutes, “says Gonçalves

“We receive the merchandise by purchase order or transfer, we do the conference of these goods and then we generate an RFID tag for control in the other processes.” With the information of the products linked to the single EPC of each label, the company manages to have control over the need for replacement or transfer to other stores.

“The biggest challenge we had was the search for a new RFID supplier that would meet our needs and fit our process, without the need to change it,” says Gonçalves, saying that, together, IT and the business area teams realized that RFID Would bring benefits to the store’s processes.

After the implementation of RFID at Bauarte, explains the executive, “We reduce the time of logistics processes, eliminate divergent deliveries, increase the accuracy and gain with control of the items stored in stock, as well as gain with the tracking Of the parts throughout the processes (receipt in store-stock storage-store replacement-sales to the customer), we reduce the lost and above all, we guarantee a new and faster shopping experience to the customer. ”


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