ITag wins the fourth consecutive year GS1-Brazil Automation Award

ITag wins the fourth consecutive year GS1-Brazil Automation Award 2

Case developed in partnership with Biblion distributor won the award in the Transport and Logistics category

The iTag won for the fourth consecutive year the biggest automation award in the country, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Automation-GS1 Brazil. In the 2016 edition, iTag registered a case in the Transport and Logistics category, applied to the distributor Biblion – the only logistic operator specialized in books in Brazil – used during the “Bienal do livro” (Biennal of the book) in São Paulo, which promoted the conference of publications that are sent to customers using EPC / RFID technology, so that they could be located more easily for delivery.

The winners of the XIX Automation Award, promoted by the Brazilian Automation Association-GS1 Brazil, received, on November 24, the tribute paid annually by the entity. Entrepreneurs, companies and entities from various sectors of the economy have their work recognized by innovative projects in automated processes with GS1 technology standards. During the award ceremony, the winners received a recognition trophy for process improvement initiatives throughout the supply chain.

“We believe in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live,” said João Carlos de Oliveira, president of GS1 Brazil. “Therefore, we seek to value initiatives of good practices of companies, entities and the Brazilian press with the Automation Award”.

Among the award-winning categories are sustainability, education, MPE, e-commerce, EPC / RFID, IDU, traceability, product identification, health, press and transportation and logistics. “For iTAG, the GS1 Automation Award is the demonstration that our technology is capable of meeting high demands, and the signal that we are on the right track,” said iTAG CEO Sérgio Gambim.

ITAG offers a feature that can track and check a stock of 15,000 items in seconds, for example – an advantage that reduces inventory losses by up to 80% and thus increases profitability. The technology used by the brand is the radio frequency, transmitted the signal by a micro-antenna coupled in labels.

By iTAG Technology

Translated by Vitor Julio