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Levi's applied RFID to Black Friday

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Levi’s applied RFID to Black Friday


Levi’s has become the newest adept of radio frequency Identification Technology (RFID), for use in tracking and inventory control. The implementation of the project carried out by iTAG brought positive results in the first months of execution.

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Price checker in the payment boxes also uses the radiofrequency identification to perform sales, automatically lower the items marketed in the stock and also to prevent the passage of the products stolen by the exit portal. When the operator performs the reading by the collector, the results go directly to the application, with total or partial product information.

To validate the control of stolen products in the store, at the time of product billing, another iTAG software comes into action, this time iTAG Anti-Theft 2.0 which validates the invoicing of the items by recording the invoice number of the output. If an item has not been billed and is not listed on the outgoing invoice, the software will go into action by accusing you of the tablet that owns iTAG Alert, which is used by the store manager.

Comment on RFID

“One thing is certain: the ability to replenish parts on shelves with ease and speed was one of the determinant elements of this success in sales growth in our stores. We just don’t know how much it was thanks to RFID specifically […] “explained Rui Araújo Silva, director general of Levi’s in the country.

Probably, if the technology had not been deployed in time, sales could have been bridled by the inability to supply the outlets with greater regularity and accuracy.

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