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Lez a Lez controls with RFID a inventory of 5,000 items

Lez a Lez

Who applied RFID?

The Lez a Lez store is a network of Brazilian franchises, which has its headquarters located in Paraguay working with products, accessories and women’s clothing. Recently they have adhered to RFID (frequency identification) technology to better control the logistics processes of the company, from the receipt of goods to the sales process.

The store has a stock of approximately 5,000 pieces and a monthly sales turnover with an average of 1,600 products according to the company’s direction.

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The processes in the store of the Lez a Lez before adhering to the RFID of iTAG technology were done manually, with the barcode in all stages from the entry of the products to the output of the goods.

The realization of inventory was one of the biggest problems with the barcode, because they demanded about 12 hours to read all items with 6 people performing this task, besides a high cost and high rate of counting errors, still consumed a lot of time until reaching the  Sales area. Which is common in the bar code.

With RFID, the company points out that inventories have become faster and more accurate, which used to take around 12 hours – with the barcode – is now held in 50 minutes and can be performed more than once in the same week.

One of the many achievements with the technology was the best tracking of merchandise exposed for commercialization. “We control the transit of goods circulating between areas through an RFID portal” explains Samuel Kandler Martinez, director of the retail network. “By passing through the antennas, we will know if the merchandise went out of stock and went to the store, and vice versa.” Completed


According to Sérgio Gambim, CEO of iTAG Tecnologia, the biggest challenge for the implementation of the project was respecting the layout of the labels Lez a Lez, which have metallized letters “We analyzed the Tag and after validations and tests we were able to apply the iTAG adhesive label ON 4124 RFID, with 100% of the reading.

After the implementation of RFID in the store, the company reduced the time of the processes from the arrival of the product to the outlet of the store, besides eliminating divergent deliveries, increased the accuracy and decreased the time required to carry out a complete inventory and has achieved several other benefits through RFID.

The ERP that is operating in the Lez a Lez is integrated with iTAG’s RFID middleware, which follow all the regulatory issues of Paraguay. Developed by iTAG, the iPrint middleware is responsible for the impressions of the RFID tags and the iTAG Monitor middleware performs the tag readings.

Stock movement is managed through an RFID portal that is all the time connected to the store’s operating period. The sales process is carried out by an RFID reader that is in the box.

Comparing the results of the system that is currently used (RFID) with the old barcode system, the advantages conquered are diverse, for example the gains in replacing all the work that was done manually, by sampling, in Stock and conference and error-prone, as some cases the merchandise was not conferred.



“Before RFID we could not check the goods that arrived from the matrix to the store, because the bar code check was item by item, which made the process much reading, taking around 2 hours and a half to process an average of 450 pieces.” Samuel says.

“With RFID technology, we managed to make the conference of the same 450 pieces in 15 minutes and with the sealed boxes, already taking into account information of inputs by color and size of the products,” says Martinez. “This provided us with more speed and efficiency in the processes, causing the products to arrive at the sales area conferred and with the assurance of traceability of the parts”.

“Thus, we can perform the reading with RFID during the day and check if there are grids with divergent quantities than the ideal in the sales area, requesting immediate replenishment to the stock,” he explains. “In this same reading, we check if there are items in the gondolas that are already out of time stipulated for sale”.

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