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1 de February de 2017
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Team of robotic sponsored by iTAG developed themachine to feed dogs with the RFID device

(Matéria do RFID Journal Brasil) Imagine what a relief it would be to be able to travel peacefully that the pet would have enough water and food for the period […]
27 de January de 2017
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Inventory control becomes mandatory as of this year

On Block K must be presented informations regarding production and inventories; ITAG presents solutions for companies with the new rule. The SINIEF 01/2016 Adjustment announced by the Ministry of Finance […]
26 de January de 2017
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TOTVs and iTAG solution duplicate the volume of sales on wholesale fashion baby

(Matéria do IT Forum 365) Brascol, a wholesaler of baby and children’s clothing, decided to combine Totvs’ ERP with iTAG’s radio frequency (RFID) technology to solve a problem experienced by […]
19 de January de 2017
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Immediate returns, iTAG has conquered the Brazilian market

Largest retailer in Brazil in electronics, Magazine Luiza has been testing technology to optimize time and make profits In order to get through this moment of recession that the country […]
12 de January de 2017
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Radiofrequency technology already revolutionizes the Brazilian cattle market

(Matéria do Umuarama Ilustrado) A pilot project developed by the Center for Excellence in Advanced Electronic Technology, CEITEC, a public company linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, […]
11 de January de 2017
destaque na revista mundo logística

Mundo Logística magazine brings iTAG as world reference in automation

(Matéria da Revista Mundo Logística) A pioneer in the country in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) projects, the Brazilian company iTAG is a world reference in automation, through its smart tags. […]
11 de January de 2017
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iTAG’s internship program is featured in the CIEE’s Agitação Magazine

The November issue of Revista Agitação highlights the radio frequency technical training program offered to iTAG interns; the publication is an institutional vehicle of CIEE (Center for the Integration of […]
9 de January de 2017
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The revolution of radio-frequency chips in retail; See the Results

(Matéria do Olhar Digital) We have been talking and showing the advantages of using RFID for retail for a long time: on both ends, both for the establishment and for […]
8 de January de 2017
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iTAG technology, Hermitex reduces inventory time by 70%

(Matéria do RFID Journal Brasil) Hermitex works in the production of executive uniforms and produces 4,000 pieces per month, at its factory in Campinas (SP). The brand’s products are marketed […]
8 de January de 2017
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Handmade shoes with high technology

(Matéria do RFID Journal Brasil) With an average production of 1,600 pairs of shoes per month and a line of handmade women’s shoes, the Sarah Chofakian brand, which is present […]