Save time in inventory management: Organizing inventory with RFID

Save time in inventory management: Organizing inventory with RFID 2

Discover today’s blog the biggest advantages of RFID to save time in inventory management.

RFID technology has become increasingly popular among those seeking to save time in the inventory management processes in their companies. This is because it makes accurate monitoring and a faster counting of products.

However, if you still have doubts about the effectiveness of this feature, here are some advantages that may make you change your mind.

Product localization

With RFID it is possible to find a specific product through the unique codes of each label. In this way, possible mistakes and failures in storage are easily identifiable.


In addition to preventing theft at the point of sale, RFID technology makes it easily traceable to occurrences of damage and failure on the production line.


RFID solutions allow the installation of identification portals at the entrance and exit of stock and the store. With this, it is possible to trace the merchandise throughout its journey and with great precision.

Agility for sale

With the installation of checkout portals at the point of sale, the completion of purchases is much more agile, which increases customer satisfaction with the customer service.

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