iTAG’s internship program is featured in the CIEE’s Agitação Magazine

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The November issue of Revista Agitação highlights the radio frequency technical training program offered to iTAG interns; the publication is an institutional vehicle of CIEE (Center for the Integration of School and Business), with national circulation.

In the report, cousins ​​Guilherme Nunes de Oliveira, 23, and Rodrigo Nunes, 18, both interns at the São Paulo (SP) office, cite the training process proposed by iTAG and highlight the advantages of the initiative in their professional and academic careers . The company’s CEO, Sérgio Gambim, highlights the importance of professionally improving trainees. “In the future they will be technicians and engineers in RFID. Today, colleges do not have specific disciplines about this technology”, highlights Gambim.

The text also highlights the importance of RFID as the technology of the future, capable of revolutionizing and optimizing consumer time in a simple trip to the supermarket, for example. For five years, iTAG has demonstrated the logistical potential of radio frequency technology for stock control and management; either wholesale or industrial shipping. A practical demonstration of the efficiency of RFID for everyday life.

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Talent to track

The customer enters the supermarket. Fill a cart with products. He leaves and doesn’t even go through the checkouts, he goes straight to the exit. The security guard doesn’t move. Go through the door towards the parking lot. Behind, he hears only a whistle and the sound of a small printer emitting the invoice: a sensor tracked the label of each distance purchase in a few seconds, closing the invoice and debiting the credit card. Click and read more.