Mundo Logística magazine brings iTAG as world reference in automation

Mundo Logística magazine brings iTAG as world reference in automation 2

RFID: as radio waves that streamline processes and increase productivity

Pioneer in the Country in Projects of Identification by Radiofrequency (RFID), a Brazilian company of world reference in automation, through its intelligences. Not caring about the crisis, iTAG leverages an opportunity to grow up to 30 percent in 2016 by expanding its business across multiple industries, rescuing “old” technology, avoiding waste, and generating revenue for businesses across the Supply chain.

A leader in Brazil and a world leader in automation through intelligence with the RFID technology, iTAG is optimistic about how opportunities a crisis offers in spreading its RFID concepts and applications across all the sectors of the economy, Technology to have a secure and tracked control of each item. In addition, iTAG’s RFID project helps entrepreneurs in stock-control controls to ensure as K Block information, a recent requirement of corporate governance.

Born in Cianorte, Paraná, in 2007, and established in São Paulo, iTAG has the second largest case of automation by RFID in the world, on the clothing sector, and has been expanding its operations to reach the end of this year with a Growth of 30%, representing a turnover close to R $ 8 million.

This technology has given life to intelligent calls, that is, RFID is a new era of bar code and its main function is to provide a transformation process, which can help reduce waste, limit theft, manage inventories, simplify logistics, increase the productivity, among other benefits, always aiming to increase the income of the contractor.

ITAG was a leading provider of complete solutions for RFID projects, that is, the company making available to the customer all the tools and equipment required to comply with the steps of a project, without intermediary or outsourced. In view of this, iTAG won five awards in the area of ​​automation, consecrated as the first company in the country registered by the Brazilian Association of Information Technology Automation for the apparel sector. The Prizes are: Automation Award 2013, Automation Award 2013-2014-2015 in the category Identification in the Textile Sector EPC GEN2, SSCC and EPC IS, and Automation 2015 Award in the Logistical Control RFID category.

In addition to the clothing segment, iTAG is recognized for its activities in the jewelry, medicines, health care, shoes, tires, watches, logistics, documents, goods handling sectors, among other sectors. However, in addition to being responsible for all parts of the process, iTAG has a full focus on customer service, providing contractors with all the support they need to understand the benefits that RFID brings to different departments of the company.

With a current customer base of about 40 names, iTAG invests R$ 1 million a year in launching new products, such as the retail beacon system. (by Mundo Logistica Magazine).