RFID in Brazil at 2019

RFID in Brazil at 2019 2

This technology has been used in Brazil for a while, and there are still several doubts about how this process works. We will make an exemplification

How RFID Works ?

The RFID (radio frequency identification) works as follows, at the first moment that the chip that exists on the label passes through the portal, will emit a signal and there will be an exchange of information between the label and the antennas and readers that are needed to Perform your reading, then this data will be passed on to a computer that has the software essential for the operation of the reading.

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Did you get confused? So think of it this way, suppose you go on the market thinking about making the purchase for a weekend barbecue with family and friends. At the end of your purchase today, you wait hours and hours to pass your products one by one by twisting so there is no error in reading the barcode where she has to call the manager to fix it, and have to redo the process. And only after all this you make the payment of your purchase. Tiring, isn’t it?

With the RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification). These problems would end, after making your purchases you would leave your cart full of goods in the box and would wait for the realization of the reading of all the products in just 5 seconds in a way automatically, and in the sequence they would appear on the screen of a computer that has the proper programming for the operation of this technology. After reading be done just choose the method of payment and run for hug!

That is why we at iTAG who work with RFID technology have performed several direct comparisons with the barcode to show the benefits that this technology can offer, impacting positively on your business whatever it is!



ITAG Tecnologia is a worldwide benchmark when it comes to delivering RFID solutions, with presence in this technology sector since 2007. Created with the objective of meeting the market expectations in solutions that can optimize the existing processes (such as input, control and output of all products), in order to meet the need for a strategic and structured support for the implementation RFID (radiofrequency identification) procedures. We operate for the most diverse applications, contemplating all the benefits of technology as a potentializer of your business.

The use of RFID can bring benefits to various areas of your business, such as improving your inventory management by reducing time in a remarkable way and bringing you the ability to count your stock more than once a week and without worrying about Reading errors and/or losses, generate great agility at the time of sale as items can be read in a general and in a matter of seconds.

Because it is an even new technology so to speak, this ends up generating many doubts and companies are failing to invest in the area due to lack of knowledge. We emerge for this purpose, so that we can present more details and exemplify the use of RFID and improve or assist in the implementation of the method, we specialize in drawings, elaboration and consultancy of this solution.

In addition to providing support since the first contact, we have all the necessary equipment for the application of the technology according to your need.

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