RFID reduces in up to 90% the time spent for counting in stock

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With the development of this novelty in Brazil, we note that there are still people who do not know for sure how grandiose is this technology RFID (radio frequency identification) some think that it is limited only to identify and count certain products, As if it were just a substitution of the old barcode. The truth is that RFID can be used in several steps in your workplace and reduce by up to 90% the time spent with certain routine activities, here we will talk a little more about the use of this great technology in Inventory control.

RFID is able to store various data from products that are available in your inventory, such as your weight, barcode, manufacturing date, expiration, and more. This technology can become a great ally in controlling your inventory (and in many other stages of the processes that precede the sale).


How does RFID work?

The RFID tag is composed of a small microchip that is essential for reading and controlling the product and a small antenna that is able to store various digital information about a particular item (as shown in the image below). The reading is performed through an exchange of radiofrequency information enters the label and a reader (which can be portable).

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The data that is collected is stored on a computer that contains the applications and software required for the reading to be completed, and in order to further facilitate the control of the stock, the readers of the label can be scattered in several positions Within a possible stock, so that all changes made to the merchandise are recorded (such as moving on the shelves for example).

In a direct comparison with the barcode, RFID is able to offer numerous advantages on top of that since the labels can be read at a considerable distance rather than opening a box that is with the merchandise and staying on top of the product with the reader , multiple labels can be read at once.

RFID is efficient in Inventory control why?

1- It can avoid the accumulation of the same product
2- You can alert when a product is near the expiration date
3- Considerably reduces the time required for reading and counting items
4- It is possible to record the entire movement of the merchandise (if you have more antennas scattered around the stock)
5- Avoids double reading errors (consequently avoids losses)

And the list is extensive and not for that.

When it comes to investing in your workplace, full attention is required for you to pay a fair price and a quality service. So that in the end this brings benefits both to you as a consumer and to your supplier.

Therefore, we at iTAG Tecnologia seek to make these processes more accessible and streamlined, we provide the best price of the market with the products necessary for the application and reading of RFID to be done correctly and we guarantee support from the First contact with us.

Who are we?

ITAG Tecnologia is a worldwide benchmark when it comes to delivering RFID solutions, with presence in this technology sector since 2007. Created with the objective of meeting the market expectations in solutions that can optimize the existing processes (such as input, control and output of all products), in order to meet the need for a strategic and structured support for the implementation RFID (radiofrequency identification) procedures. We operate for the most diverse applications, contemplating all the benefits of technology as a potentializer of your business.


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