Tigrara controls stock of 4,000 pieces with RFID – iTAG – RFID Smart Tags

Tigrara controls stock of 4,000 pieces with RFID

Case Tigrara

Who applied RFID?

The Tigrara store was created in order to exalt the beauty and sophistication of the Brazilian woman, with pieces that evidence originality and sensuality in a versatile and contemporary way. With great emphasis on national territory and a high turnover of its products, the barcode was no longer efficient enough to account for such demand of the products.

Thus, Tigrara needed a solution that was efficient and agile enough to account for all products, and thus they found the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology of iTAG, which was the company responsible for the implementation of Project and has experience of more than 10 years in the market working with this solution, designing and adapting (if applicable) the projects according to the needs of each client.

Sistema RFID em destaque

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The project did not take long until it gave a return on investment (ROI) in technology, which made explicit the advantages of using RFID. At the time of realization of the inventory it was a task done once a month and took 12 hours, with 6 people executing. Now with iTAG’s solution this same process can be accomplished in just 2 hours and identifying all 4,000 pieces of clothing present in stock

Not to mention that the new process offers an accuracy of 99.9% of the quantities present in the stock, including the distribution Center (CD) and thus allowing better management and localization of each product to be marketed, resulting in results still Best for the Company

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