Totvs and iTag team up to strengthen second largest RFID case in the world

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With no flaws or read errors, the solution was able to double company billing, making checkout time faster

Considered today as the second largest RFID case in the world, Brascol, a baby fashion wholesaler, bet on iTag’s radiofrequency technology in conjunction with Totvs ERP as an alternative to reduce losses and increase profitability. With no failures or errors in readings, the solution was able to double the company’s billing, making wholesale checkout time faster and providing security in inventory.

In an article published by Totvs, the sales manager, Ana Verucia, says that the solution deployed together with iTag made it possible for both the Brascol customer and the wholesale group a record reduction of time in the checkout of the purchase; Converting the process into new sales consolidation.

“The customer knew that it consumed a lot of time at the checkout, so he chose to buy fewer pieces. Also, if you wanted to know how much you would spend, you would enter a queue for bar code reading. If he chose to close the purchase, that reading was discarded and he needed to enter a new queue to pay, “he says. With the Totvs and iTag solution, the waiting time in the queue has reduced to seconds, providing more speed and control to the customer.

This was only possible because the solution found to alleviate Brascol’s demand was the creation of a Czech-price portal, which enabled the consumer to have access to how much without taking the products from the cart.

For Brascol, the Totvs and iTag solution provided the customer and the company with what they are spending, with only a Czech-price-portal reading with four RFID antennas, which reads the contents in six seconds and shows the quantity and price of Items in the cart. “From then on, to close the purchase is a matter of minutes,” completes Antônio Almeida, superintendent of the wholesaler.

According to Almeida, with this the complaints for delay in the checkout reduced to almost zero. For this to work, it was necessary to identify all products within the store with a coded label. The same system adopted for the wholesale has been used by Brascol to control the internal stock, that is, the volume of merchandise that enters and leaves the distribution center.

Translated by Vitor Julio

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